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[Download] 10+ Quran Apps For Android and Apk | APKBolt

[Download] 10+ Quran Apps For Android and Apk | APKBolt
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Quran is the Holy Book Of Muslims to which they paid huge respect and recited it on the regular basis. Quran is in a form of a book, but the world of Technology and in such a busy life people found it hard to carry The Quran with them like it’s difficult to remember to take Quran with you if you are in a hurry to go for a business trip, etc. So, in this regards many Android apps have been developed by the Android developer which contain full Quran (sometimes with the options of translations and audio). So, it’s easier to carry it with you in the form on an app on your mobiles, tablets, etc. because mobiles, etc. are some things which we need every second, secondly, they are easier to carry, There are also some advanced option like Audio Quran so even we can listen to it while driving etc. Another advantage of Quran apps for Android is that many of them have translation option almost for every language, so it’s easy for you to see the translation in multiple languages. Below we will mention some best apps of Quran apk which have more options from others and are easy to use.

Quran Apps For Android:

Following are 10 Best Quran Apps for Android. Below each there is an option for download too:

1. Al-Quran (Free):

Al-Quran is a free Quran Android app. It is a small app of size 3.47 MB which can be easily downloaded on a small storage phone.  The App can be used offline; you don’t need any internet connection for reading Quran. It also contains an option of quick search from where you can open any Surah easily only by writing the name. You can Download both Android and Apk version of the app from the below links.

Quran Apps For Android

Click Here To Download Android.

Click Here To Download Apk

2. Quran With Urdu Translation:

This is one of Favourite App. This app can be call as all in one because it contains all the necessary features which should be in a Quran App. Its Features contain Urdu translation with an Audio version from which you can listen The Quran very easily while driving etc. it also contain a search for easy access.

Quran Apps For Android

Download Quran App apk and Android version both from the below links.

Click Here To Download Android

Click Here To Download Apk

3. Holy Quran Android:

Holy Quran is a Simple Android app which includes the complete Quran just like all However the thing which differentiates it from other is that you down need to scroll down the page to the end of reading the page will turn like we do in notes and books. However, this app doesn’t include any feature of translation or Audio mode.

Quran Apk

Download Android and Apk version of the app from the below Links:

Click Here For Android

Click Here For Apk

4. Quran For Android:

Quran for Android is another interesting and helpful Android app. The appearance of the app is too much interesting and includes any features. Some of its features include offline using of the app, English translation, and audio mode. The app is of low size, so if you have a low storage device, then the app can be said as perfect for you.

Quran Apps For Android

Download Android and Apk versions from the below links:

Click Here To Download Android Version

Click Here To Apk

5. Quran With Audio + Translation:

Quran with Audio+translation is another great android with the low size of 4.3 MB. This app also contains the features of Audio listening and Urdu translation.

Quran Apps For Android

Download Both Android and Apk version from below.

Download Android Version From Here

Download Apk From Here

Some Other Quran Apps For Android.

Download the click here button below each image to download.

Quran apps for androidQuran apps for androidquran apps for android

     Click Here                               Click Here                                Click Here                  

Quran aps for androidQuran apps for android

 Click Here                                Click Here

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