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Download Battery Status Apk File For Free

Download Battery Status Apk File For Free
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Battery status apk is a simple android application for checking your mobile battery status. Some android phones don’t have any option for showing remaining battery percentage so, with this app you can easily check your remaining battery. It also provides you with some other features like estimated time duration for the phone to go dead. With this, it also shows you that which app is using how much of your battery.

Battery status apk

With this, you can easily have a look on your phone battery when your phone is just going to go down it notify and give you different suggestion for saving battery like low brightness etc.

REQUIREMENTSIt doesn’t require any special features if your want to download the app you only need to have an android version of 1.6 or up with a minimum free storage of 1 MB. The app is having a very small size of 383KBs so it can be easily downloaded on any device. When a low storage device can download the app in few seconds.

REVIEW ON PLAY STORE: Battery status is having a very very positive review on play store. It is having about 100,000 – 500,000 Downloads on play store with a spicy rating of 4.3 stars by android users.

Features of Battery Status Apk:

Features of the app include:

  • Accurate battery status  in percentage.
  • Notification on low battery.
  • Guidelines for how to  save battery life specially on low battery.
  • The app  will show you running apps  and games on your device and percentage of their battery usage.
  • Easy to use.
  • Widget for home screen
  • Easy settings.

Download Battery Status APk File For Free:

To download the apk file of the app for free click on the below download button or link

battery status apk file


Download Battery status Directly FromPlay store:

To download the application directly from play store click on the below download button or link.

NOTE: you must need to using an android device for downloading directly from play store.

battery status apk file


Battery status apk

Battery status apk

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