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Download Doodle God HD Apk 3.1.8 For Free

Download Doodle God HD Apk 3.1.8 For Free
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Download Doodle God HD Apk Latest Version For Free:

Name: Doodle God HD Apk. Doodle God HD apk

Developer: JoyBits Co. Ltd.

Updated: 9 February 2016

File size: 48 MBs

Downloads: 100,000

Version: 3.1.8

Requirements: Android version 2.3.3 or above

Rating: 4.2 stars


download Doodle God HD apk Latest version for free



Doodle God HD Apk Details:

Doodle God HD is a paid version of doodle God which is available in HD quality. Most of the features of the both the version are free however Doodle God HD is available in HD quality which not only increases the beauty of the game but also makes it more responsive and colorful.

The HD version is a little bit heavy so if you are using an old android version then don’t go for the HD version.

Features Of Doodle God HD:

Features of the game includes:

  • Now  available in more than 13 languages which include English, Dutch, French, Italian, Russian and many more.
  • New mission mode now offers new puzzle games.
  • New levels haven been updated in the new version.
  • Now available with new items and tools.
  • New Graphics.
  • Great Sound quality.
  • Include many mini games like puzzle games etc.

To know about the features and other information related to doodle God Hd CLICK HERE

Doodle God HD apk

Doodle God HD apk

Doodle God HD apk

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