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Download Doodle Jump Apk Version 3.9.1

Download Doodle Jump Apk Version 3.9.1
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Download Doodle Jump Apk Version 3.9.1 For Free:

Name: Doodle Jump Apk.doodle jump apk latest version

Developer: Lima Sky LLC

Updated: 1 January 2016

File size: 35.77 MBs

Downloads: 10 Million

Version: 3.9.1

Requirements: Android Version 4.0 or above

Rating: 4.3 stars


download doodle jump apk latest version for free


Doodle Jump Apk Details:

Doodle jump is a famous android game which has been recently updated with version 3.9.1. Doodle is a very simple but a very interesting game, which is famous worldwide and is having Billions of users. The game is simple you will have to take your doodle as high as you can, will have to shift him through different steps to save him from falling down. Once it falls the game overs. During passing through different steps you will find different gadgets that will increase your power and make certain things more easy for u.

The game is simple to play just follow the steps in upward direction by tilting left and right, You can also active the rocket by tap the screen.


Some new features of Doodle jump latest version 3.9.1 includes:

  • Mad platforms to jump on
  • Use leaderboard to beat your friends high scores.
  • New obstacles from making the game more challenging.
  • Different power-up to pick for increasing the rising speed.


Doodle jump ApkDoodle jump ApkDoodle jump ApkDoodle jump Apk

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