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Facebook Apk Latest Version

Facebook Apk Latest Version
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Download Facebook Apk Latest Version For Free:

Name: Facebook Apk.facebook apk latest version

Developer: Facebook.

Updated: May 2016.

File Size: 45.06 MBs.

Downloads: 1 Billion.


Requirements: Android version 5.0 or above.

Rating: 4.2 stars.


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Facebook Apk Details:

Facebook is the biggest social networking site which is having billions of users. The Facebook Android app is one of the popular Android apps which is included in top 10 play store apps. The Facebook Android app has recently crossed 1 billion downloads with an Awesome rating of 4 stars. The app is 34 MB so that it can be easily downloaded on any Android device.

In a previous Post, we discuss Facebook Lite which is gold for those who are having low storage devices and slow data connection however if you are having a branded phone which is having enough storage and a good data connection like 3G or 4G then you must need to go with facebook android app because it is a big file and contain more features than facebook lite which make the work more easy, beautiful and modern.

Facebook is not that much heavy file means we are not talking about something in GBs it is just 34 MB file, however, keep in mind that Facebook Lite is less than 1 MB and can easily run on a 2G data connection on which facebook android will face some difficulties.


Facebook lite Apk can easily be downloaded from the below links However if you think that your phone is not compatible with it then you can download facebook lite from HERE.

Some Features Of Facebook:

Some of the features of Facebook which are unique and different from Facebook Lite are mentioned below:

  • Facebook Android app allow you to watch and upload videos. In facebook lite, you cannot watch videos because it is designed for low data connections.
  • You can play games on the Facebook app. Playing Facebook games cannot be done on Facebook lite
  • You can manage your FB pages and can view their insight. This thing cannot be done with facebook lite.
  • You can set the app in standby mode so you will receive your facebook notification, messages and friend request even if your Android device is locked.

facebook apk latest version

facebook apk latest version

facebook apk latest version

facebook apk latest version

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