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Google Korean ime Apk is a useful google tool/app specially for those people who dealing with the Korean language. The app not only work as a translator but can also provide you with a google keyword, input Korean voice option and many more features which are discussed below. With this app you can create your notes in Korean or you can send messages in Korean. The app also works with voice input that is IME with this you can speak anything in Korean and the app will reply you in Korean like, if you want to change a sentence from English of any other language to Korean just tap the microphone icon and speak the sentence, the app will translate it for you and will respond to you in Korean. You can also do opposite to it from Korean to English

google korean ime apk

Another feature of the IME is that you can create your notes in Korean with this. Just speak you notes to the app by tapping the microphone icon and it will get typed.

RequirementsRequirements of the app varies from phone to phone. It’s a simple app I personally think it will  have no special requirements and will require a small free storage too. Although it requirements varies so it can be downloaded on any android device.

Review on Play storeIt is a popular app of play store currently having a grand 5 Billion Downloads with a low rating of 3.4 stars

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Features of Google Korean IME apk:

It includes the following features:

  • Android tv supported
  • Large buttons on Korean keyboard to reduces chances of errors.
  • IME for writing notes, messages in Korean
  • Suggestions dictionary which can give you suggestions on your mistakes in Korean language.
  • Option to switch to English on a single click by pressing the shift button
  • easy to download
  • Doesn’t have any special requirements
  • Officially provided by Google

Download google Korean Ime apk:

To download the apk file for free click on the below download link or button

google korean ime apk


google korean ime apk

google korean ime apk

google korean ime apk




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