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Name: Ringo Pro Apk. ringo pro apk

Developer: Electric Pocket.

Updated: 25 Oct 2015.

File Size: 1.4 MBs.

Downloads: 100,000.

Version: 1.5.10.

Requirements: Android Version 1.6 or above.

Rating: 4.1 Stars.


Ringo Pro Apk


Ringo Pro Apk Details+Review:

Ringo Pro is a famous android application which is used for setting custom ringtones for SMS of individuals. Setting custom call ringtones for different person is straightforward thing, and every phone includes that option, however, making custom ringtones of individual for SMS is something new and not all phones (even the smart phones) include this features, so if you are on Android device and your phone don’t add the feature of setting custom ringtone then this app is going to help you with that.

Setting custom ringtone on calls or SMS is a great feature, and this could help you to know who is calling without even looking at your phone. This can help you in different occasions especially at driving because you cannot look to your phone again and again for every incoming call or SMS while driving. So, you can set some special ringtones for some special people like friends and family, etc.

Ringo Pro Apk is a great application for Android, with this, you can set any of your device ringtone or music from your library as a ringtone for an individual or for a group. This app also includes some other great features like.

  • LED colors.
  • Notification pop up
  • Custom ringtone for both calls and sms.
  • Pro Strong Vibration
  • Voice messages and many more.

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ringo pro apk

ringo pro apk

ringo pro apk



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