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Download TeamSpeak 3 Remote Apk Latest Version

Download TeamSpeak 3 Remote Apk Latest Version
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Download TeamSpeak 3 Remote Apk For Free:

Name: TeamSpeak 3 Remote Apk. Teamspeak 3 remote apk

Developer: TeamSpeak Systems GmbH

Updated: 11 April 2013

File Size: 223KBs

Downloads: 5 Million

Version: 1.0

Requirements: Android Version 2.1 or above

Rating: 2.7 stars


download TeamSpeak 3 Remote apk latest version


TeamSpeak 3 Remote Apk Details:

TeamSpeak 3 remote is a supportive Android application For TeamSpeak 3, which enable you to connects to your teamSpeak PC and to manage client-server.

With this application, you can not only have a look on your client server, but you can also stay updated with the info that which clients are talking, muted, away etc.

Connecting TS3 remote apk with the main is a little bit difficult but you can do it by your self. It doesn’t require any technical experience. You can easily connect it to the main server by following the intrsution and setting up guide line mentioned in play store. To  follow the guide line for connection CLICK HERE

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Teamspeak 3 remote apk

Teamspeak 3 remote apk



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