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spectral souls apk Free Download

spectral souls apk Free Download
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Spectral souls apk is story based a war fighting game. The story starts when humans and demons engaged in war to get the kingdom of Neverland. Neverland is a place apart from our own. At the end of the battle human wins the fight and overtake the ruling of Neverland after which the real war starts. Due to war, the humans were left weak and ruined which for which give demons to start the second Neverland war.

The game is not available free on play store. But from this site, you can download the apk file for free. The game is real, and we have uploaded it after purchasing it, so there are no risks.

The game currently has a grand 50 thousand download on play store. It is of 815 MBs so will need to have enough internal space on your device. The game is currently on 4.5 stars review out of 5 and is included in the most payable Android games due to its great numbers of downloads. The app costs around 10$ per download.

Spectral is having stunning features like 3D battle scenes and many other which will be discussed below:


Features of Spectral Souls Apk:

Spectral include the following features:

  • The game has up to 84 characters so you can choose the best one for you. You can also choose more than one character.
  • 3D battle scenes are going to make your fight more clear and interesting.
  • High graphics assets with 3D option.
  • High sound quality with around 52 amazing soundtracks.
  • Cut-Scene videos
  • Can be played on NAVIDA SHIELD.
  • MOGA controller is compatible.
  • Touch and keyword with key mapping both are supported.
  • First Japanese Full-scale Tactical RPG for Android.

High-resolution quality is set by default so change it according to your device if needed from settings.

The game is heavy so make sure that you have enough memory to download it.

To read full details of the game CLICK HERE.

Download Spectral Souls Apk for Free:

Spectral Souls apk                                                                        


Spectral Souls apk- the game of warSpectral Souls apk

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