[Download] 3D Parallax Background Apk v1.42 For Android 4.0.3
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Name: 3D Parallax Background Apk. 3D Parallax Background Apk

Developer: Vinwap.

Updated: July 21, 2017.

File size: 18.1 MBs

Downloads: 1 Million

Version: 1.42

Requirements: Android version 4.0.3

Rating: 4.1

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3D Parallax Background Apk Details And Review:

3D Parallax Background is an Android wallpaper application which brings the best of 3D parallax wallpapers you can ever get. This app is developed and published by Tech Innovations and is one of the highly rated and innovative personalization apps for the Android. If you want to get this for your Android, download the free 3D Parallax Background APK right now from our website and give your mobile screen the best look it could ever get.

For some time and it has been forever since you are using beautiful but 2D and old-fashioned wallpapers. Now the mobile hardware and screens have advanced so much that they can even support VR, why not get 3D wallpapers and make them look even more attractive? Well, this is something the developers of 3D Parallax Background app hope to achieve with this cool and attractive app.

This is not just a simple app where you beautiful sceneries of waterfalls, landscapes, and hills. In fact, there is every category of wallpapers you can hope. The best of the wallpapers are the ones from DC and Marvel Comics where your top superheroes are presented and designed with the best of 3D graphics for your mobile screens to be set as wallpapers.

When you get such apps, there are always the optimization issues with the hardware and even the best of mobile hardware fail to support them. However, this is clearly not the case with this app where everything runs smooth and cool.

3D Parallax Background Apk Features:

  • 3D Parallax Background brings the coolest and natural wallpaper.
  • The best and latest graphics technology is used to bring you these 3D wallpapers.
  • There are hardly any bugs which could cause the optimization issues.
  • Get all your favorite DC and Marvel superhero wallpapers in 3D.
  • There are a lots of other natural and Sci-Fi wallpapers as well.

3D Parallax Background Apk

3D Parallax Background Apk

3D Parallax Background Apk

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