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[Download] Apk Inspector Apk [3.2] For Android 5.0+

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Name: Apk Inspector ApkAPK Inspector apk
Developer: Projectoria
Updated: 2018
File size: 3.2 MBs
Downloads: 100,00
Version: 3.2
Requirements: Android 5 or Above
Rating: 3

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APK Inspector Apk Details And Review:

APK Inspector Apk is mentioned to be known as the open source of the project that comes out to reverse and analyze Android applications. This is major known as the graphical interface to allow the visualizing the structure of the application modules that will be taking away the security analysts as to choose with the good Android application that is safe to use. You will probably be finding this application tool to be the best addition to the toolbox you use for the sake of the forensics malware. Download this amazing application tool now!

You can download APK Inspector Apk on your Android and start using it. The App requires only Android version 5 or Above with a minimum internal storage of 50 MBs

Key Features of APK Inspector Apk:

  • This software tool will be helping out as to generate reports for permissions used by the side of the application, Search and filter strings, as well as classes and methods, all along with the rename users and so much more.
  • This project is aimed as to analysts as well as reverse engineers to visualize compiled Android packages.
  • APK Inspector will also be providing away with the analysis functions and graphics features for the sake of the users to gain deep insight into the malicious apps such as Call Graph as well as static Instrumentation, permission Analysis and dalvik codes plus small codes.
  • With APK Inspector You will be able to get the complete set of information on the version code as well as version name,
  • You will also be able to learn about the status, as well as sign algorithm and valid form and valid until.
  • You can also share .Apk file as well as the app icon with your friends.

APK Inspector apk APK Inspector apk

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