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After the arrival of a smartphone, every one of us keeps our private affairs like pictures, videos, content and much more in our mobile devices. On one side where there are benefits of keeping this data on mobile devices, on the other side, there are some risks too. By keeping our data in our mobiles, we can have easy access to it but if you lost this data or someone else got access to it than you might have to face many problems. Millions of people have become a victim of it. If your personal data get in wrong hands, then you have to pay a big price for that. So, instead of facing problems later why not we get ourselves secure today. I am not asking you to remove your personal data from your mobile phone or other devices, I am saying just to spend 5 min and made it secure so, no one can have access to it even if you lose your device. This can be done very easily if you are using an Android device, you just need to download the fingerprint locker apk android app which will help you in making you data secure. After downloading the app and completing its procedure, your Android device will open up only on your fingerprint. So, even if you lose your phone, no one can touch your personal files.

fingerprint locker apk

The app is having many other features like alarm alert and much more which are discussed below.

If you want to download the app and make your Android device secure, you can get the app for free from the below download button or link.

Features of Fingerprint Apk Android App:

Some of the features of the app include:

  • The app can be set up to start screen.
  • Compatible with 99% Android device.
  • Support Android 2.2 or above.
  • Contain HD background while lock screen.
  • Time and date can be set up on lock screen easily.
  • Emergency calls like 112 can dial even on the lock screen.
  • The app is of 4.4MB so it can be easily downloaded on any Android device.Download fingerprint Apk Android App For Free.
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