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[Download] GPS Navigation And Maps Sygic Apk [v17.4.8] For Android 4.0+

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Name: GPS Navigation And Maps Sygic Apk V16.1.8. GPS Navigation And Maps Spgic Apk
Developer: Sygic.
Updated: June 14, 2018
File Size: 17 MBs.
Downloads: 1 Billion.
Version: 17.4.8
Requirements: Android version 4.0 or up.
Rating: 4.3-star rating.

Download Apk Download Old Version 16.1.4

GPS Navigation And Maps Sygic Apk Details:

Sygic Apk is a popular Android application with most advanced GPS navigation and 3D Offline Maps. The popularity of the app is because of its 3D offline accurate Mapping and its voice-guided navigation system. The app is full of amazing and exciting features that can make your ride more comfortable and safer. Get Live Updates of Police radar or speed cameras on your route, Get info regarding the maximum speed of your road, Get informed about the traffic and get suggestions for alternative paths. The app is full of amazing features which can make your journey easier.

Another Great Feature of the app includes information related to parking. You can check the availability of parking and their prices. Tourist places, famous spots, Hostels, Restaurants, Distances, Times, Suggestion and much more.

You can Download Sygic Apk Full File From The above download link or button. Don’t Forget To have a look at the requirements before downloading the app.

Some Features Of Sygic Apk:

Some Features of the app includes:

  • Get High-Quality 3D Maps Offline.
  • Make things easy with Voice-Guided Navigation along with streets names.
  • Enjoy Offline Navigation without any data connection
  • Live Traffic Info along with Suggestions For Alternative Routes To Avoid Traffic Jams.
  • Get An Alert on Speed Camera/Radar.
  • Head-up Display (HUD) projects GPS navigation onto your windshield
  • Dynamic Line Guidance.
  • Get instant Info Of Distance Between The Set Points (start and end points) and Choose The Shortest Path TO Save time.
  • Get Info About Parking Places. Check Whether. They are Full Or Available For Parking And Also About The Rate.
  • Find Out Fuel Pots.
  • Enjoy A Safe Journey By Getting Alters on Sharp Turns And Railway Crossings.
  • Find Address More Easily With Voice Guidance Navigation.
  • Check Out Tourists Spot, Hotels, Resturants, Parking, And All Info Related To Them on A Few Clicks.

Sygic Apk- Personal Review:

Sygic a precious app that can help you out with many things and can save your time. It’s an all in one application that not only shows maps or navigations, but it also gives you all necessary and relevant information related to a particular area. It makes your journey more safe and easy by giving you information related to traffic jams, alternative ways, sharp turn, railway crossing, etc.

Sygic includes maps of all countries of the world provided by TomTom And Other Providers. The App is used by most of the taxis and other drivers in the developed countries. Sygic is Full of Features but in some terrorists all of the features of the app may not work.

How Sygic Android App Works:

The App is easy to use, Once you install the application and open it, you will receive a pop-up asking for installation of Sygic GPS Navigation. Then After its installation, it will detect your country or will show you can use an option for selecting your country, once you select your country the app will start downloading the map of your country so that you can use that offline. It’s a quick Process, and if you have a good internet connection, then it’s not going to take more than 10 minutes.

After downloading the app, it will give you 7 days free premium trial mode. There is two modes in the application:

  • Basic Mode
  • Premium Mode.

Basic ModeBasic Mode includes offline Map and some other features.

Premium ModePremium Mode includes all the features discuss above. Prices for the Premium Mode Varies From Country to Country, So you can either buy premium Mode For Your Country, Or you can buy it for the whole world.

Internal Options And Settings:

After completing this process, you will see a search box at the top. Search your place and get a map for it. You can also click on the Navigate button that will starts navigations and will give you different info related to routes etc. Below at the right, there is an option for a 3D view you can easily get a 3D look by clicking on that option.

Sweeping the screen towards the right will show you options. There are different option like Sygic travel, manage Maps Settings, etc. If you are on a premium model, you will also get the options of voice-guided navigation, traffic signals, and other.

If you cannot afford the Premium but want to use the features of speed limits and traffic info you can download Speed Camera And Traffic Sygic Apk that will give you all info related to speed and traffic in a separate app.

You can activate different features from Sygic store present in options.

In order to increase you battery life, it is advice to on the GPS only when it is needed.

Enjoy the app and don’t forget to share your experience with us in the comments.

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