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[Download] Magic Rampage Apk [v3.1.5] For Android 4.0+

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NameMagic Rampage Apk. Magic Rampage Apk
Updated: May 6, 2018
File size: 77 MBs
Downloads: 5 Million
Version: 3.1.5
Requirements: Android version 4 or up
Rating: 4.5 stars.

Download Apk Download Old Version 2.1.9

Magic Rampage Apk Details And Review:

For Android game lovers, the action is about to get real. Magic Rampage Apk is an exciting combination of role-playing and action games which brings the endless action, exciting gameplay, graphics and features right on your android smartphone. It is not like some conventional shooting or fantasy where you only provided with guns or swords to kill your enemies.

Instead, you can yield both guns and blades to separate enemy heads from their bodies or blow them away with modern weaponry. You have got a lot of different characters to play with, each of them having their own special powers and moves. You can have mastery over each of them as you continue playing.

Make sure that you try playing with all the characters so that you might know that how are you going to clear the game? Let’s have a good on the features of Magic Rampage.

Magic Rampage Apk Features:

Here is a list of all the features which you are going to enjoy in this beautiful android action game Magic Rampage:

  • Magic Rampage Apk is a beautiful combo of role-playing, fantasy, and action in which you provided with a lot of guns, explosives, knives, machetes, hammers, and different magical powers to kill your enemies.
  • You have a lot of characters to play with in this game. There are some characters which are pre-unlocked and some you will have to unlock by completing different stages and scoring experience points.
  •  Each of the characters in the game have their own unique powers and skills to deal with the enemies including gun warfare and magic.
  • A number of stages are present in the game. To unlock the others, you will need to complete previous stages with the required criteria for each of the upcoming stage.
  • The difficult of the game increase with each stage and enemies grow stronger and perilous. You will need to buy more and more upgrades with the help of experience points you earn through the game. Without buying the upgrades, never think that you will be able to compete in the upcoming stages.
  • Not only the mobile screen, but you can also play this game by connecting controllers supported by your android to have more fun and a better gameplay experience.

Magic Rampage Gameplay and Controls:

The gameplay in magic rampage Apk is quite the same like the classic games of 80s and 90s which brings back all the memories. The magical powers, guns, and other features of this game are a pure reflection of the all the fun we used to have at that time. The graphics in the game are pretty impressive. Magic Rampage Apk has nice visual and audio effects that are designed using latest mobile graphics technologies and especially the special effects are simply amazing. The controls in the game are quite simpler and they become better and even more responsive when you start playing the game using a controller supported by your smartphone device.

So, what are you waiting for? Aren’t you already excited enough to enjoy this amazing mobile adventure? If yes, then hit the play store right now and start playing this mesmerizing android game right now.

Magic Rampage Apk

Magic Rampage Apk

Magic Rampage Apk

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