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[Download] Nova Launcher Prime Apk [2018] For Android 4+

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Name: Nova Launcher Prime Apk. nova launcher prime apk
Developer: TeslaCoil Software.
Updated: 15 December 2016.
File size: 1 Million.
Downloads: 1 Million.
Version: 2018.
Requirements: Android version 4.0 or up.
Rating: 4.8

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Nova Launcher Prime Apk Detail And Review:

Using launchers for Android devices has become common now. Everybody loves to try new launchers on their android device to get facilitated by the amazing features of these apps. Today we going to discuss Nova Launcher Prime Apk which one of the top listed android launchers. Nova Prime is famous for its amazing features which include amazing icons, shortcuts, widgets, and much more. It’s a premium android application that gets updated regularly with new features. Nova Launcher Prime makes your android beautiful with its amazing icons and widgets, it also increases the speed of your android device by killing unused apps.

Nova launcher also helps you to manage your files more easily. It gives a completely new look to your device. It supports static and live wallpapers and both work absolutely fine with it.

Why Use A Launcher?

Android Launchers can be used for a number of reasons. The most common among them is for increasing your device speed for good performance. Many users (especially old android version users) are not happy with their device performance. Launchers Like Nova Launcher Apk increase their device performance by making things more simple. These launchers also prevent apps and games from background running to save mobile RAM and increase its performance rate.

Another famous reason for using these launchers is ICONS. most of the android device comes with simple icons which are boring and users get fed up with them. Android Launchers includes a huge number of icons with different colors, size,s and shapes. So, you get a large variety of icons which is really amazing. It also allows you to choose the icon which suits with wallpaper and background to make it look better.

Android Launchers Especially Nova Prime is famous for their amazing widgets with which you get instant updates and notifications. Widgets allow you to handle multiple tasks at one time.

Features Of Nova Launcher Prime Apk:

Nova Launcher is a premium android app that includes a number of features. Some of them are as follows:

  • ICONS: Nova Launcher includes thousands of amazing icons for android devices. These icons got updated regularly with the addition of new icons. You can also customize any icon by changing its color and size to make it more compatible with your device screen.
  • Customizing Home Screen: Nova launcher allows you to customize your home screen according to your taste by changing its icons, layout, animations, etc.
  • Subgrid positioning: Nova prime gives you more control than a standard launcher. It allows you to snap icons or widgets halfway through the desktop grid cells
  • Color Controls: It also gives you control over your customization of colors. You can easily change the colors of your layout, wallpapers, icons notification bar, etc with this app.
  • Design Your home Screen: Nove  Prime makes it easy for you to customize your home screen in your own way. You can change the direction of apps and widgets from vertical to horizontal, you can add custom effects, and many more.
  • Widgets: Nova launcher includes a great number of widgets that work much faster and make things easy for you. With the widget, you can handle multiple tasks at a single time. You can also place widgets in docks.
  • Scrollable Dock: Create multiple docks and scroll between them.
  • Long Battery Life: With Nova Launcher you can also increase your battery life, by selecting a simple template and allowing the app to kill all the unnecessary background apps and games.

Premium Features:

  • Premium Layouts: If you don’t have any idea of setting up your custom layout or if you don’t want to waste time on that,  then don’t worry! Nova Launcher Premium Apk includes many professional layouts. You can simply choose the best between them and import that to your android device.
  • Make your device smooth and fast: Nova Launcher is specially developed to make your android device fast and smooth.
  • Backup And Restore Settings: It also includes the option of backup. After setting up your device you can back it up and save that with your future or can simply import that file in any other device to get those settings quickly.
  • Hide Apps: The premium version also includes the feature of the hiding app.

Nova launcher Apk Old Versions:

  1. Nova Launcher Prime 5.0.1 Apk.
  2. Nova Launcher Prime 5.0 beta Apk.
  3. Nova Launcher Prime v4.3.1 Apk.

nova launcher prime apk

nova launcher prime apk

nova launcher prime apk

nova launcher prime apk

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