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[Download] Omni Swipe Prime Apk [v 3.0] For Android 4.0

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Name: Omni Swipe Apk. Omni Swipe Prime Apk
Developer: 5 Billion.
Updated: February 3, 2016
File size: 46 KBs
Downloads: 5 Billion
Version: 3
Requirements: Android Version 4.0 or Up
Rating: 4.5.

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Omni Swipe Prime Apk Details And Review:

Phones are getting bigger every day and using them with one hand isn’t possible anymore. However, you can get an app like Omni Swipe Prime Apk which could easily provide a proper solution for this big phone usage problem. Omni Swipe creates menus which can be swiped up by swiping the screen from the respected side you have kept your menu. In these menus, you can place shortcut icons for the apps you use mostly and you don’t need to use your both hands each time when you use your phone.

This saves a lot of time, plus, it brings the ease of using the phone just with one hand. Keep your favorite apps, contacts, settings, and everything of daily use in these beautiful menus and ease your smartphone life. Let us now have a detailed look on the features of this beautiful android smartphone app.

Omni Swipe Prime Apk Features:

Here is a list of all the features which you can use with this app.

  • Omni Swipe Apk doesn’t interfere with your home screen while you are using the desktop. The menus in the app stay in the corner and will only come up when you want them to.
  • This app is very smart since it automatically brings up the most used app in its menus. Now this means that you don’t need to manually setup your important apps in the Omni menus but it would bring them itself when it recognizes the frequently used apps.
  • The practice of swiping down the notification bar and see your notifications is a matter of history. Now this beautiful app will automatically bring all the notifications and contact information to your screen whenever it is available. This beautiful feature doesn’t let you miss your important notifications thus, making your matter better.
  • The apps which have good features usually are large spaced and heavy for a normal operating system to handle. Omni Swipe Prime Apk is not one of those but in fact, this app is very light that any operating system can handle it. Also, its size is just 1 Mb which shows how awesome this app is.
  • The interface of the app is very easy to use and can be understood by any person even with little knowledge of the apps. Also, its light weight and a smooth experience really makes it one of the best apps to be used while making your work easier.
  • You can also arrange nine of your favorite apps manually in the menus and make work even better for yourself. For rest of the apps, let Omni Swipe do its work.
  • Don’t forget that there are a number of beautiful themes in this app for you to make your Omni swipe Apk look beautiful. Change themes, their color, contrast, and everything to make it look better and better.

So, these were all the features of Omni Swipe which must have clenched your heart by now. Now if you want to use your phone in an easier way and have a good android experience then get this app right now and have fun.

Omni Swipe Apk

Omni Swipe Apk

Omni Swipe Apk

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